It’s a Wonderful (and Wilde) Life

Like so many people, I love watching It’s a Wonderful Life during the Christmas season. The part in which his guardian angel, Clarence, grants his wish to have never been born. George realizes how great an impact he had with his community as well as the world at large. Remember, without George, Harry Bailey would not have lived to save a ship during World War II.

This story in an homage to the original, iconic film that I love so much. When I originally wrote this, I was going through s0me of the greatest stress I’ve ever endured in my life so far. Ellowyne helped to assuage that stress. I wrote late at night and worked to move to a new state during the day. I am still proud of getting my first story done. Now it’s time to share it with Ellowyne’s fans everywhere.

I hope that this looks okay. The learning curve has been extreme but I think everything I wanted is in order. I hope you enjoy it!

The rating is M; there is material (especially in Part Eight) that may be disturbing to young readers.

Wonderful Wilde (Part One)

The Party (Part Two)

The Wish Part (Three)

Freddy (Part Four)

Pru and Sybil (Part Five)

Amber (Part Six)

Lizette (Part Seven)

Rufus (Part Eight)

The Wish Revisited (Part Nine)