Speaking of Names…

Have you noticed something different about Penn? Unlike the other characters in the Ellowyne line, Penn does not have a last name! We have Ellowyne Wilde, Prudence Moody, Rufus Rutter, Amber Stanhope, and Lizette Dione but Penn’s surname is but a mystery. Is he meant to be iconic like Cher, Madonna, or Prince, who left us way too soon? Or did our friends at Wilde Imagination simply had a cognitive hiccup that left Penn without a proper family name?

Let’s change that! When Penn was introduced, a few raucous collectors (mea culpa) got on Facebook to explore possible last names for this dear boy. We came up with several silly surnames like State (Penn State), Satucky (Penn Satucky), Tagram or Tagon (Penn Tagram or Penn Tagon), and my favorite, Gwynne (Penn Gwynne). Can you come up with other names? Let’s be creative! In a couple of weeks I will make a poll with your answers and send the results to Michelle at Wilde Imagination.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Names…

  1. How bout Penn E. Dreadful? Or Penn N. Teller? Penn N. Inkk? Ok….enough with the middle initials, awready!

    Penn Sean. (For confusion both frontwards and backwards!)

    Penn Spinfisher.(Subtle, this one.)

    Penn Zoil. (When I was a kid, I went to Catholic school and we played a lot of bingo. Trauma enough, there, for a lifetime. But in one game, I won a metal bank shaped like a small can of Pennzoil. I never won anything good, but that particular win haunts me to this day. Since then I have won some good things. I’m hoping at some point to win something really good at one of the Tonner or wilde imagination conventions. Maybe it will help me get over the trauma of the Pennzoil can bank.)

    Penn Station ( Guy started out big, but isn’t doing so well now. 😉 )


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