Wilde Imagination Spring 2016 Releases

First of all, I need to apologize for being away from my blog so long. My elderly mother lives over 500 miles away and I’m busy getting her house ready for sale. I don’t have easy access to the Internet when I’m away.

Second, I dislike trying to review a doll unless it’s in my hands. Some dolls are simply not photogenic and look much better in person.

And finally, I am saving for TonCon 2016. I’m reticent to post my thoughts on the new releases because I will turn into a screeching banshee if I don’t get my picks. So there—enjoy reading about the new releases but don’t buy any until I have mine. Thank you!

I remember waiting breathlessly for new releases of various doll lines rather long ago: Gene, Cissy, and, of course my favorite at that time, Tyler Wentworth. But major life changes took priority over collecting and I no longer cared about new or existing dolls. However, I had gotten into Ellowyne during a rough time in my life and was looking forward to the new releases for Fall 2014. I didn’t buy many dolls at that time because I was concentrating on retired dolls and outfits that I missed out on since I got interested in Ellowyne so late. But I’ve found most of the things on my Ellowyne wish list and I can indulge in some of these new releases. Here are some of my picks from the Spring 2016 line.

First we’ll look at A Dream of Marigold and Cinnamon. This girl is radical. Made with the Ellowyne face mold but a honey skintone. She is aesthetically gorgeous but I’m on the fence about her. How does she fit into my stories? She also reminds me of Madame Alexander’s Cissy, who was made in three different skintones. I have unpleasant memories of contemporary Cissy dolls, so perhaps I need to take a pass on this girl.


Next up is A Magical Mystery Tour. Although her name comes from The Beatles, her outfit looks like something Stevie Nicks would wear. I love Stevie and might have to get this girl. She even has her own video:


There is a resin Ellowyne this year, Royal Rock. She is beauteous. I like her face, gown, and wig. But I’m on the fence about resin. I worry that I am just too clumsy to have a resin doll.


Here’s a different take on Ellowyne. Not only does she have flat feet, she also sports a pale, natural face with freckles. Ooooh. Freckles! Some collectors feel this is a “young” version of Ellowyne but, in my opinion, Right On White reminds me of the tabloids that one can read while standing in the slowest line in the grocery store. You know the ones: Stars Without Make Up!


There are several painted eye girls as well! Amber, Autumn Haze features painted eyes and a “non-removable” wig. Brave and crazy collectors (like me) know that all wigs are removable. She is selling fast, so if you want her, get busy!


The two basic Ellowynes have painted eyes. Pretty Pale Ellowyne has two light short wigs while Wilde Ellowyne Wigged Out has two brown wigs.


And there’s more. More outfits, including one for flat foot dolls, a few more dolls. Maybe it’s because I’m still new-ish to Ellowyne that I’m really excited about the Spring line. Oh, bother…



Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Wilde Imagination Spring 2016 Releases

  1. First, yes I totally agree about trying to review a doll until I have it in my hot little hands, lol. Cinnamon is on my lust list as I love her coloring and combined with the Ellowyne mold she looks like a completely different doll. I would/will have so much fun with this girl! Then the fear of resin: many of my friends have had this phobia in the past and I too was a bit apprehensious when first around resin dolls over a decade ago but they are really pretty hardy so long as you don’t drop them on cement or force them horribly into doing something they can’t. I have drop one on a rugged floor before with no damage other than an almost heart attack. Their posability is incredible and they are allot easier to get fixed or do it yourself if they get loose. Good luck with your mom and try one you’ll like it, bwa ha ha [one other issue is getting a sealer on them to keep them from yellowing]


    1. I finally got to see a resin Ello in person. She was exquisite. Having said that, I really don’t care for stringed dolls. But I will never say never because as soon as I say the forbidden word (never) I end up falling in love. 🙂


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